Follow These Ayurvedic Tips to Get Rid of Painful Periods

period pain

Menstruation is a common part of every female’s life. For some, these days are just like any other regular day while for others, it can be a roller coaster ride. Menstrual cramps are common during the menstrual cycle. The worry begins when they start getting painful and unbearable. While the reasons can differ with every individual, one road that everyone commonly takes is having painkillers. However, this is not a correct solution in a long run. Therefore, to give relief to all the ladies, we have come up with some Ayurvedic tips from the experts that can help you manage your menstrual cramps easily and naturally.


In a video shared by an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr Varalakshmi Yanamandra on Instagram, she talks about how doing strenuous activities can lead to aggravating the Vata dosha in a female body. This can lead to excess bleeding and more painful periods.

According to an ‘Art of Living’ blog, it is suggested that females should avoid doing vigorous or intense work out for at least the first three days of their periods. Instead, one can opt for going on a walk, doing simple yoga asanas and meditation to cure the pain.


Many people who are on a weight loss journey usually depend on cold foods like salad, raw vegetables, smoothies, and so on. However, during the menstrual time, it is important to have simple home-cooked warm food, states the blog.


Tea is a great remedy that not only helps your body but also makes you realise the stress on your brain. It has anti-oxidant properties which soothe the pain. Dr Dixa Bhavsar Savaliya highlights some pain easing teas in her Instagram post to help ladies with cramps. According to her, one can have chamomile tea, ginger tea, green tea, mint tea, turmeric tea and so on to feel better.


Resting is one of the most important ways to release the stress on the body that is created during the periods. The art of living blog states that try to over-exertion and give your body proper rest. It can be difficult to sleep with the pain but bringing a lifestyle change of sleeping early and waking up naturally can create a lot of impact on one’s body and mind.


Dr Dixa and Dr Varalakshmi both stress on the point of taking Vitamin D from the sun. According to the experts, sunlight has the properties which reduced the production of cramp generating chemical prostaglandins.


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