Looking at Women’s Health Through the Lens of Ayurveda

Women's health

Afemale body is complex as after hitting puberty, it goes through multiple changes. One of the major transformations that occur is the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Not just this, many other changes also happen like breast growth, hormonal changes, sexual feeling, mood swings when a girl hits puberty. While for some women, the process is smooth, for others, it can be a roller-coaster ride. Let’s take a look at women’s reproductive health in terms of Ayurveda and seek solutions for common female problems.

Ayurveda focuses on energies and is based on the concept that a world is built with five elements. Instead of focusing a person’s health on hormones, Ayurveda considers it to be a result of physiological, mental and emotional aspects. Physiological health is called Pitta, mental health is known as Vata and emotional needs are termed as Kapha in Ayurveda. A balance of three keeps optimal health on point. It is often believed that to seek the best remedy one should have knowledge of their body. They should examine which dosha dominates them and then, change their food and lifestyle habits. For example, if someone is driven by Pitta, then hot and spicy food and outdoor strenuous activities aggravate the dosha.

Ayurvedic remedies for controlling various reproductive health issues in females:

Warm oil massage

A warm oil massage helps in releasing the stress, optimising Kapha. It, in turn, makes a female feel relaxed and happy. This leads to easing down of menstrual symptoms like cramps, pain, mood swings, among others.


Yoga heals the body by making it emotionally and physically fit. A lot of female reproductive issues occur when a woman doesn’t take up time for herself and her body. Yoga improves health and also has been proven to cure many ailments.

Essential Herbs

Ayurveda is a medical stream that is derived from nature. It believes that nature has a solution to every problem. One should consume herbs like Shatavari, Aswagandha, Yastimadhu among others to have a hormonal balance. They nourish the female reproductive organs like the uterus, vagina and ovaries, as well as, provide calcium and other nutrients to make the body strong.

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