No Smoking Day 2022: How Ayurveda Can Help You Quit Smoking, Consuming Tobacco

Smoking day

Every year, March 9 is observed as the No Smoking Day to raise awareness among the public about the hazards of smoking. Tobacco consumption in any form can give rise to a host of deadly diseases.

Millions of individuals succumb to tobacco-oriented cancer every year which makes it necessary to be aware of the health risks posed by smoking. Smoking is also one of the leading causes of heart-related ailments across the globe.

According to Dr Chanchal Sharma, Ayurvedic specialist at Asha Ayurveda, smoking quickly makes you vulnerable to deadly diseases. Tobacco consumption and smoking also make your body addicted to it due to the presence of Nicotine which circulates in your entire body.

Nicotine, upon entering the mouth reaches the lungs, heart, stomach and blood vessels causing significant damage.

Tobacco is also the primary cause of liver and oral cancer and results in infertility among both males and females. It also causes erectile dysfunction in men.

Furthermore, it also increases the risk of diabetes and is the main cause of breast cancer.

Dr Chanchal Sharma states that while a lot of people have the desire to quit smoking and tobacco consumption, they are not able to give up this lethal addiction. This happens because Nicotine dissolves in the blood, making the body addicted to it.

In such a scenario this unique Ayurvedic remedy can help people quit tobacco and embark on a healthier life. It is also important to have strong willpower to quit as the remedy won’t be effective if you don’t possess the desire to leave tobacco.

According to Ayurveda, you can mix lemon juice and black salt in carom seeds and keep them aside for two days. You can now consume this mixture whenever you feel the urge to consume tobacco or light a cigarette. Continue this practice for two months to witness effective results.


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