What’s Headache; Know its type, cause, medicines, and home remedies


Headaches have become common among people around the world. In every other person, you will get to see this problem. How many people around the world are troubled by headaches. It has become a common problem in today’s time and is seen in everything from those working in the office to those who stay at home. In today’s time, if you call headache a normal thing, it will not be wrong, although it is not so. Because headaches are indicative of major diseases. Many diseases start with headaches and people ignore it as minor. However, later it becomes a big problem. Now today in this article we are going to tell you the type of headache, the cause of the headache, its medicines and the home remedies to avoid it. Let’s know. Let’s first know what a headache is.

What is a headache- A headache is a pain that occurs in any part of the head. Let everyone know that headaches are pain on one or both sides of the head and it starts from a point in the head and spreads throughout the head or starts to occur in a certain place. After that, the person’s condition becomes worse and he starts to get upset. It is a pain that creates a sensation in the head and sometimes becomes sharp and sometimes light… Headaches inside any person can arise slowly or suddenly and can last from an hour to several days. Sometimes someone has a headache every day which is not common.

Types of headaches- Let everyone know that there are two types of headaches. The first list includes primary headaches, while the second list includes secondary headaches. Let us tell you that the primary headaches are called tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraine headaches. On the other hand, secondary headaches include rebound and thunderclap headaches, stress headaches, caffeine headaches. At the same time, the most common type in today’s time is the headache caused by stress. Nowadays people are getting to see the tension inside and the headache related to it starts to occur due to the tightening of the person’s shoulders, neck, scalp and jaw muscles. It is a headache that is always associated with stress, depression, or anxiety. Most of all, there are stressors on working out, not getting enough sleep, having irregularities in food or consuming alcohol and then the headaches begin to increase. Although this pain can be called common, but sometimes the headache is going to indicate a serious disease and if it is not understood, then there can be a big disaster. If there is ever a sudden severe headache, then you should go to the doctor and if there is a headache after a jerk or there is stiffness in the neck, fever, confusion, fainting or pain in the eye or ear with a headache, then it is still right to see the doctor.

Now let’s know about the types of primary headache-

Migraine– Let everyone know that migraine is the second most common form of primary headache. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), migraines are the sixth largest cause of not being able to work due to disability. Migraines are pain that lasts from a few hours to 2 to 3 days.

Cluster headaches– Cluster headaches last from 15 minutes to 3 hours and are usually pains occurring from one to eight times a day, for a few weeks or months. Sometimes it may be that no symptoms of headache appear in between the two clusters of headaches. In fact, this headache is a pain that lasts not only months but also for years.

Tension headaches– Tension headaches usually start slowly in the middle of the day. It is associated with stress and sometimes lasts a few hours and sometimes a whole day. At the same time, severe headaches occur for at least 3 months for 15 or more days in a month.

Now let’s know about the types of secondary headache-

Rebound headaches– If the medicine that treats headaches is used more, we fall prey to rebound headaches. These headaches stop when they take the medicine, but as the effect of the medicine starts to disappear, these pains become very severe once again.  

Thunderclap headaches– These are sudden headaches, and it is the fastest and most severe. This pain is so intense in less than a minute that the person does not understand anything. It lasts for more than 5 minutes.  

Withdrawal headaches– Withdrawal headaches are caused by stopping the use of caffeine for a long time.  

Stress headache– It is a headache that occurs after taking stress that is cured by taking medication or sleeping.

What is the cause of the headache-

Talking about the causes of headaches, there are many reasons involved such as-
Hangover caused by drinking alcohol
Brain Tumor
Blood clots
Scent (perfume) 
Stroke (concussion)
Black cataract (glaucoma) 
Grinding teeth while sleeping at night
Excessive intake of pain medication
Hormonal fluctuations before, during or after menstruation
Tension in the back and neck muscles
Consuming a more cold diet
Drinking small amounts of water
By taking the contraceptive pill
Increased intake of alcohol, caffeine and sugar
Infection of the tooth or ear
Working on a computer or mobile all day in front of the eyes
High BP etc…

Headache medications- 
Paracetamol IP 650 mugs
Caffeine (dehydration) IP 50 mugs
Saridon Advance
Anti-Caesareur Drugs
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) drugs
Botulinum toxin
Crocin Advance Tablet

Home Remedies to cure Headaches-

Green Tea- If you are very upset with headaches then you can make green tea and drink it because it is considered as a panacea to eliminate headaches in no time and its use gives a lot of relief in headaches.

Pack made of ice- If you want to get instant relief from headaches then this method is the best. You can easily get rid of headaches in this way. For this, all you have to do is take the ice pack and put it on the back of the neck. By doing so, you will get easy relief from migraines or headaches.

Tulsi- Tulsi can also play an important role in removing your headaches. Actually, Tulsi is the most important in relaxing the muscles. Due to the tired muscles many times, the headache starts and in such a situation, you can use tulsi to reduce it. We’ll tell you how to use it, too. To use it, first of all, take a clean cloth and then put it in cold ice water. After that squeeze the cloth and place it on your forehead for a few minutes. Did it again and again.

Take a massage- If the headache is increasing, then get someone to massage the head, forehead, neck and shoulders. In fact, it is the cheapest and best home remedy and it gives a lot of comfort by doing it. By the way, you can also do the massage yourself at home, but if you get someone else to do it, then you will get relief soon.

Rye paste- If you are troubled by a heavy and severe headache, grind the rye and apply it on the forehead and lie down. This can also relax you for a while.

Asparagus- Asparagus is the best for headaches. If you can do it, do it. For this, you have to do this that you have to take out the juice by quantifying the asparagus and then add sesame oil to it and massage it on the head. By doing this, after a short time, your headache will disappear.

Camphor and Ghee- If the headache is strong then you massage the camphor mixed with ghee, it will give you relief in a little while.

Fresh cow ghee- If you are troubled by half-headache, then dripping or snorting 2-4 drops in the nose in the morning and evening will also be beneficial.

Do yoga to remove headaches- If you are troubled by headaches, then yoga can give you a lot of relief. Doing yoga has many big benefits to the body and the headache also disappears in a little time. By the way, today we are going to tell you the same yoga that can give you relief from headaches. To perform this yoga, close the right nasal orifice and breathe from the left. You have to do this for 5 minutes and after that, you will see that your headache has disappeared. 

Balasan- If you are suffering from headaches then the best for this is Balasan. By doing this, you will feel a slight stretch in your hips, thighs, ankles and this asana will calm the mind and get rid of stress and fatigue and the headache will also disappear in a short time.

Vajrasana- If you are troubled by headaches then it can also give some relief. To do this, kneel down,  place the pelvis on the heel and point the toes outwards. During this time, keep the ankles close to each other. At the same time, do not place the claws on top of each other, but the right and left should be next to each other. Place the palms above the knees. During this time, straighten the back and look ahead. By doing this, your headache will be abutted in no time and doing so every day will not cause headaches.

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