Why Ayurveda suggests to begin the day with a spoon of ghee


01/4​Here’s what happens when you have ghee on an empty stomach

Ghee is an age-old miracle potion, which has been extensively used in Indian cooking as well as an essential part of several Ayurvedic remedies and ancient medicines. But this homemade clarified butter is a lot more than a cooking ingredient. Ayurveda experts believed that a small dose of ghee, early in the morning, can fix most common health issues. Let’s find out how and why ghee is the best kept age-old healing secret.

02/4​Why is it a great idea to start the day with ghee?

Made with cow’s milk, ghee is loaded with protein, antioxidants, healthy fats and minerals, which was traditionally consumed early in the morning as a potion to detoxify the system and rejuvenate the cells of the body. It was believed that a small amount of ghee early in the morning is the best thing to improve absorption of nutrients in the small intestine during the process of digestion, it is believed that ghee reduces the acidic pH level of the gastrointestinal tract, which helps in better digestion, improves metabolism, works as a laxative and improves gut health. What’s more, adding ghee to a morning drink or just preparing a simple mixture of ghee with turmeric helps in regenerating the damaged cells caused due to the presence of free radicals. Let’s find out why ghee is so important according to Ayurveda?

03/4​What Ayurveda says about ghee?

As per Ayurveda experts, adding ghee to the morning routine works as a ‘Rasa’ for the body. It is believed that ghee acts as a source of nourishment for the cells of the body and helps in reversing cell damage, promotes healing. The presence of butyric acid and medium-chain triglycerides in ghee impacts the stubborn fat by flushing them out of the system and promoting good cholesterol. Which makes it good for heart health. However, it is essential to consume it in a very small amount to reap the benefits, too much of ghee can lead to weight gain due to the presence of saturated fats.

04/4​What’s the right way to include ghee?

Morning routine sets the tone for the day, thus one must be very mindful about choosing their morning drink or foods. As per experts, consuming one teaspoon of ghee with a warm glass of water works like a tonic for the body. This helps in flushing out toxins, works as a natural laxative and improves gut health.

Ghee is an excellent source of calcium and amino acids, which makes it great for strengthening bone and dental health, managing weight, reducing inflammation and it’s amalgamation with raw turmeric makes it a good immunity boosting drink. This also works as an antiviral blend, which is perfect for sore throat, cold cough, fever.

However, before adding anything to the daily diet it is advised to seek medical guidance as the presence of saturated fats in ghee may increase the risk of cardiac diseases, if not taken in moderation.

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