The Health Benefits of Cinnamon

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At any point asked why the smell of cinnamon goes into your home in any event, when your kitchen is shut. That is a result of the superb smell that you’ll insight from this zest. The Health Benefits of Cinnamon is a hearty yet sweet zest that has been the subject of numerous scrumptious recipes […]

Giloy Uses and Benefits

Table of Contents What is Giloy? For a really long time, we have been attempting to make our life solid with the assets set essentially, one of these spices is likewise considered as Giloy. Which isn’t just utilized in Ayurvedic spices, Giloy is additionally utilized in the present medications. It was usually used to treat […]

Aloe Vera for Skin

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Table of Contents History of Aloe Vera Aloe vera for skin 🙂 is a characteristic item that is currently a day habitually utilized in the area of cosmetology. However there are different signs for its utilization, controlled preliminaries are expected to decide its genuine adequacy. The aloe vera plant, its properties, system of activity, and […]

Ashwagandha Benefits and Side Effects


Table of Contents   Introduction  Ashwagandha Benefits 😍 and Side Effects are known for thousands of years in Ayurveda. The ordinary utilization of homegrown drugs is a piece of our Indian culture and social legacy. Ayurveda is a lifestyle that tends to have all-encompassing prosperity. It further develops well-being by minutely concentrating on body types, food […]

Ayurvedic Tips for Your Pets that Must be Followed this SummerïżŒ

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Many of us share a special bond with our animal companions, and why not? After all, they nourish us with uniquely pure and unconditional love. And in return, many of us can go to great lengths to provide them with the best care they need. But summer season is here and this time of the […]

Expert shares 5 effective Ayurvedic tips to manage pre-diabetes

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According to Ayurvedic expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar, “you are pre-diabetic if your HbA1C (average blood sugar levels) falls in the range of 5.6 to 6.5.” Busy work schedules, unhealthy diets, sedentary lifestyles, irregular sleeping habits and more have made lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and pre-diabetes a major cause of concern. As the name suggests, pre-diabetes is […]

Looking at Women’s Health Through the Lens of Ayurveda

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Afemale body is complex as after hitting puberty, it goes through multiple changes. One of the major transformations that occur is the beginning of the menstrual cycle. Not just this, many other changes also happen like breast growth, hormonal changes, sexual feeling, mood swings when a girl hits puberty. While for some women, the process […]

Common reproductive health concerns in women; Turning to Ayurveda for solutions

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A woman’s body undergoes many transformations throughout life, from menarche to menopause and beyond. For some, these changes may be hassle-free and uneventful, while for many, they could be challenging and distressing.Women are a perfect blend of charm, power, tenacity, and boldness. This rapidly changing current era requires them to go a step further and […]

Ayurveda for skin: Try these 5 tips to fight ageing

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Women are often drowned in stress when they see ageing signs on their skin and spend innumerable hours and money on finding the perfect treatment that works best for them. From regular visits to salons to trying out homemade remedies and verifying every alternative mentioned on the internet, women really have a tough time getting […]

How to store (and cook) food to preserve nutrients


Time is the most important factor when it comes to the break down of nutrients in food. So, make sure that the fruits and veggies you buy are super fresh and locally grown as opposed to transported and packaged. Buying fresh veggies and fruits, the healthiest groceries, and guilt-free snacks is not enough to ensure that the […]