5 Best Belly Fat Burner That Lose You Weight Fast

Fat loss

Getting rid of belly fat is not always that simple. Getting rid of belly fat is not always that simple. It is perhaps one of the most stubborn fats in the body and even with regular exercise and a robust healthy diet plan, it takes a lot of time to make any progress in dealing […]

Coronavirus: Know How Regular Exercising Can Help Lower Risk Of Severe COVID

Covid health

01/5How regular exercising can help to lower the risk of severe infection Regular exercising has many proven health benefits, and this is the reason it is recommended for everyone to include it in their daily routine. From cutting down the risk of chronic diseases to strengthening bones, this one daily habit can bring in a […]

8 Dos And Don’ts For A Sound Sleep


01/11Food habits for better sleep There is quite a famous saying, “You’re what you eat”, taking the essence of the saying, we can understand that food has a great impact on your life. What you eat determines your energy level, your output, the way your body reacts towards different stresses, and how your body fights […]

Welcome winged beauties at home with these plants


Host plants such as Curry plant and Patharchatta offer food and shelter to butterflies. Plants that welcome butterflies homeCurry plant, whose leaves are a common ingredient in Indian kitchens, is an important host plant to the caterpillars of Common Mormon butterfly, from the swallotail family.Patharchatta is a common house plant with thick and fleshy leaves […]

Why Ayurveda suggests to begin the day with a spoon of ghee


01/4​Here’s what happens when you have ghee on an empty stomach Ghee is an age-old miracle potion, which has been extensively used in Indian cooking as well as an essential part of several Ayurvedic remedies and ancient medicines. But this homemade clarified butter is a lot more than a cooking ingredient. Ayurveda experts believed that […]

Health tips while working in a hybrid work environment post Covid


While we’ve all gotten used to the hybrid work environment, we can’t ignore the impact it’s having on us, both mentally and physically. Working online does not reduce stress; in fact, it increases it in many ways. It is substantial to focus on our health while putting in our best foot forward towards our work. […]

Nutritionist recommends four simple ways to build health and boost immunity


Among other things, it is important to get adequate sleep of 7-8 hours Health and immunity have become the most-searched topics in the pandemic, which has upended lives in the last two years, giving a new spin to what is considered to be a healthy lifestyle. Experts say there is no better time than now to strengthen immunity. […]

Expert-approved Ayurvedic herbs for patients with chronic kidney disease


Ahead of World Kidney Day on March 10, experts said time-tested Ayurvedic herbs like ‘Punarnava’, ‘Gokhuru’ and ‘Varuna’ can be saviour for patients with chronic kidney disease, which has seen a rise due to various reasons. The theme of World Kidney Day this year is ‘Kidney Health for All’.Vouching for these herbs, Professor K N […]

No Smoking Day 2022: How Ayurveda Can Help You Quit Smoking, Consuming Tobacco

Smoking day

Every year, March 9 is observed as the No Smoking Day to raise awareness among the public about the hazards of smoking. Tobacco consumption in any form can give rise to a host of deadly diseases. Millions of individuals succumb to tobacco-oriented cancer every year which makes it necessary to be aware of the health […]